Privacy Policy

Max Therapy Pty Ltd keeps all information strictly confidential and does not disclose it without prior consent except the following:

  1. Information becomes available to the public through unauthorised disclosure.
  2. We are required by law to disclose information.

When we collect information we agree to:

  1. Comply with any Privacy Law by which we are bound.
  2. Use the personal information only for the purpose of fulfilling our obligations under an agreement with our clients.
  3. Restrict access to personal information to employees who need to access the personal information to fulfil our obligations under an agreement with our clients.
  4. Not disclose personal information to a third party without out client's consent usless the third part is the individual to whom the personal information relates or to achieve the obligations under an agreement with our clients.
  5. Take all reasonable steps to ensure the personal information is protected against misuse and loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.
  6. Notify our clients if we become aware that a disclosure of personal information has been made in breach of any Privacy Law or that a disclosure may be required by law.

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